Saturday, September 14, 2013

A New Lead


I was investigating ways to get back into the underground colony without being eaten by that giant insect, worm thing… whatever it is.  I was measuring as well how much it would even be worth going inside.  There must have been priceless artifacts that could answer countless questions I have about the Siguerans.  But most of it was chanced to be destroyed, smashed to pieces by the creature and my chase anyway.  It was likely useless to even try, but I wanted to aprend as much from this site as I could.  I was studying everything I had investigated there and it felt like something was missing.

Then Little Jack got a wormlog from an old colleague of his, someone named Jude.  I don’t know that I take stock in her if she used to work with Little Jack.  Judging from the type of work he used to do, it could be any manner of criminal, and probably a very dangerous one Figuring Little Jack’s skills.  But she has something for us, a Sigueran key-map which always points the way to many of their settlements and unlocks some of the most important rooms.  With good fate, it could even lead us to the Constellation Crest.

To get it, though, we have to meet at their old hideout.  This is a part of Little Jack’s past I never wanted to explore.

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