Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Underground Lair


Following the coordinates I located on the planet Vallouris, I destoed the spot where the clue had been pointing to.  For a time I thought it was a bust.  There were no ruins, no sign that any civilization had lived there before.  But then I was sucked under the sand into some sort of cement underground structure.  The architecture was similar, yet different from the Siguerans, but the paranoid and devious traps laid for an intruder were evidence of their race.

I found a bit of a tril of statues that represent gods of travel.  Does that mean this is a temple of some varietal?  Or could it be a way point for travelers thrustering through?  Though I ran through a tril o chambers while getting away from a giant insect, the place was not large enough to call a city, and would be limited in the number of inhabitants that could live there.

I also found one other strange structure; a large roller which created a sort of sand castle in the ground that was in the form of a city.  Statues around the section of ground stared at one specific building.  I got Snapfishes of it to lead me where I need to blick... if I can find the planet this city is on.

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